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Michael James Way (Mikey)

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Michael James Way (Mikey) Empty Michael James Way (Mikey)

Post by Helena Elsie Gallagher on Mon Jan 10, 2011 4:17 am

First Name:Michael
Middle Name:James
Last Name:Way

Date of Birth:September 10, 1980

Mother's Name:Donna Way
Father's Name:Donald Way

Hair Colour:Brownish
Eye Colour:Brownish
Skin Tone:Really pale
Other Physical Attributes: Really skinny looking, wears glasses on the tip of his nose.

Reason Admitted: Paranoia, OCD, Anxiety, Extremely Anti-Social
Symptoms:Extremely paranoid and doesnt socialize much with new people.

Hobbies/Interests:Bass playing, listening to music
Talents:Bass playing, coming up with band names

Favourite Colour: Blue
Favourite Animal:Unicorn
Favourite Movie:Star Wars, Ghostbusters
Favourite Book: Comics
Favourite Personal Objects: Fender Bass, his glasses, Anthrax & Smashing Pumpkins shirts

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